Horowitz Documents


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Name Description
Document Petition for Writ of Mandate Death Case OSC Granted in Writ for Force Funding in Death Case (Pending)
Document Variance (State Criminal Case) Motion Applying Standard Federal Motion to Gang Allegations in State Case
Document Judge Stanley Golde – Habeas Proceeding Horowitz Testifies in Support of Judge Stanley Golde
Document Witness Examination U.S. v. Lazarenko Horowitz Questions witness in court in Cyprus (white collar case)
Document Witness Examination US v. Lazarenko Horowitz In Ukraine – Questions Minister of Economy (white collar case)
Document Horowitz Examines Witness in Hong Kong Case Dismissed following this Examination in Hong Kong (white collar case)
Document Closing Argument (partial) Capital Case DNA Horowitz was a leader in DNA Evidence (Partial Closing Argument before Judge Al Delucchi of Peterson case fame)
Document Appellate Privacy Brief – McMillan Case Terry McMillan Privacy Brief Martin Garbus / Daniel Horowitz
Document Murder Case Reversed “Mr. Horowitz had demonstrated time and again his skill in making a complete record.”
Document See an Example of a Trial Motion filed by Horowitz Motion raising constitutional defense that the statute did not give Fair Notice in a white collar / medical fraud case
Document Example of Horowitz’ Trial Work – Motion to Limit Prosecution Evidence (Preclusions) (White Collar Case) Seeks to force the prosecution to limit its trial evidence due to earlier failings to produce evidence as required by law
Document US District Court ruling by Judge Jenkins in Lazarenko Case (Charges Dismissed) All charges that Horowitz worked on in this money laundering, interstate transportation of stolen property case were dismissed. The case took Horowitz to Ukraine, Israel, Canada, Turkey, The Netherlands and Cyprus. This is the Order where most of the charges were dismissed.
Document Death Penalty Appellate Win Horowitz wins Decision Requiring Immediate Funding in Death Cases
Document Board of Chiropractic Examiners Illegal Brief Asserting the BCE has illegally been taken over by the state and cannot discipline
Document Cross Examination of a Medical Expert Full Examination of Medical Expert by Horowitz, note marked up pages reflecting the use of this in the DIRECT exam of Horowitz’ counter expert
Document Motion filed against Art Bell by Michael Savage Motion to throw out Art Bell Lawsuit against Michael Savage and Cumulus radio Horowitz had the opportunity of working with Floyd Mandell & Carolyn Passen who are incredible attorneys
Document Victim’s Rights – Finally After 10 1/2 Years Murderer Dyleski’s Appeals Finally End
Document Press Release Horowitz Horowitz Honored Top Trial Lawyer
Document Jury Tampering Win Classic Case Won by Horowitz on Jury Tampering
Document Blog On “Fake” Science Lack of scientific training hurts consumers and the public in general
Document Million Dollar Verdict Upheld Appeal Ruling in case against California Chiropractic Board
Document Horowitz wins SLAPP Case thrown out when Horowitz files a successful SLAPP motion
Document Derby vs City of Pittsburg Police Horowitz decision allowing lawsuit against Pittsburg police to go forward
Document Michael Savage Wins Case against Talk Radio Network Victory for Michael Savage of the Savage Nation sustained on appeal
Document Horowitz Testifies California Supreme Court case involving allegations against Judge Stanely Golde, Horowitz successfully testified in favor of Judge Golde
Document Horowitz Represents Pavel Lazarenko Civil case over funds from Ukraine
Document Michael Savage Attacked Article Michael Savage Attacked Article from Breitbart
Document Closing Statement Vehicular Manslaugter Daniel Horowitz closing argument in a vehicle accident case charged as manslaughter
Document Horowitz wins Strike Motion Coby Phillips Motion to deem prior conviction NOT a strike granted