Pavel Lazarenko

Pavel Lazarenko former Ukraine Prime minister charged with white collar crimes of embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, honest services fraud, outside theUnited States district court in san francsco

Pavel Lazarenko in Ukraine, not yet charged with embezzlement, money laundering and fraud, this is before he fled Ukraine when still prime minister





Daniel Horowitz represents former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Lazarenko in his decades long battle to restore his good name in his battle against corruption in Ukraine.  Hunter Biden did not appear in Ukraine by mistake.  In Ukraine, most business is accomplished with some powerful person as part of the process.  Without this, your assets and investments will likely be stolen.  Being the Vice President’s son is a safety net – and it is a standard insurance policy in Ukraine.  The investigation into Hunter Biden’s company may have been legitimate or it may have been standard Ukrainian blackmail.  Everyone is subject to criminal investigation as a way of controlling them politically and extracting money from them.   President Trump’s inquiry into the matter was a step into the Ukraine swamp.  Once you step in, it is quicksand and no one, not even the President of the United States will escape the spider’s web.

Pavel Lazarenko was innocent of all charges against him, but the web woven by the Pro Russian Ukraine administration, ensnared him.  Don’t judge President Trump, Hunter Biden, Vice President Biden or anyone tied to the Ukraine impeachment investigation by U.S. standards.  Instead, imagine the most convoluted spy novel, multiply the intrigue by 10 and that is Ukraine.

The International Charges

Daniel Horowitz handled the international charges filed against Pavel Lazarenko.  View Lazarenko Superseding Indictment. These charges were brought in the United States District Court in San Francisco but involved conduct in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Canada, The Netherlands and Cyprus.  The government claimed fraud in the handling of natural gas transactions and agriculture activities involving the State owned farm. All of the international counts were thrown out. Tragically, a small number of counts based upon conduct with a U.S. based business partner were handled by another attorney and those counts resulted in conviction.

The current Ukraine crisis and the Putin takeover of Crimea arises from the mistaken support of the Pro-Russian government that pressed these false charges against the Pro USA Prime Minister (Lazarenko).

The United States prosecuted an innocent man (Lazarenko) for misguided political reasons. The Pro-Russian politicians who targeted Lazarenko do not share our American values. They oppress women and social minorities. Pavel Lazarenko is a champion of women’s rights. His pro Western views and his belief in a free economy angered the dictators of Ukraine and there was a back door deal that led to his arrest. We actually have recordings of the dictator of Ukraine asking a subordinate, “which of our opponents should we feed to the Americans.”

Ukraine has never recovered from the persecution of Pavel Lazarenko. It fell into the grip of the Pro-Russian, murderous clan that strangled the life of the Ukraine people. When the Pro-Russian oligarch was  thrown out of power by the people of Ukraine, Putin moved in and took over Crimea. To quote Paul Harvey, “Now you the know the rest of the story”.


LAZARENKO Document Library

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Document Lazarenko Court Decision ALL CHARGES DISMISSED except 3 (unrelated to any conduct as Prime Minister
Document Charges Thrown Out Against Lazarenko All the UESU Charges Thrown Out by the Judge