Trial Wins

Notable Successful Cases


Dismissal and subsequent civil rights case settlements for Richmond, California residents wrongfully arrested by police after vocally complaining about abusive police conduct.

7 Figure recovery including attorney’s fees for medical doctor wrongfully terminated from a medical practice.


Negotiated Non-Prosecution of Medical Doctor facing fraud charges.

Negotiated Non-Prosecution of Client facing criminal business fraud charges.

Negotiated civil settlement of client facing criminal fraud charges.

Negotiated five day jail misdemeanor for client facing 10 year felony medical related charges.

Dismissal of charges against client based upon Statute of Limitations Research by Office.


Multiple personal injury settlements and complex civil litigation

Negotiation of new contracts for major media figure

Dismissal of Defamation Lawsuit filed against major media figure.

Civil settlement obtained against person accused of assaulting major media figure.

Other Years

  • Life without Parole Murder (2017) Deal during trial to six year term. No cooperation. Co-Def. got Life Without Parole [Article]
  • Attempted Murder (2016) Dismissed on motion.
  • Sexual Assault charges (2016) filed against Chiropractor Steven Moon of Concord, California. Horowitz represented the victim.
  • Chiropractic Fraud (2015) Full acquittals for two clients.  One found factually innocent.
  • Medical Clinic Fraud(2014) Charges dismissed.  Civil Settlement.  Two other defendants represented by other attorneys, convicted.
  • Attempted Murder Charges Dropped (2014)  [News Article]
  • Criminal Investigation (2013) Improper Patient touching alleged.  No charges filed, doctor exonerated.
  • Criminal Charges (2012) Assault charges dismissed.  License untouched.
  • Medical Fraud (2010) Dismissal one week before trial.
  • Death Charges Reduced to Set Term California Death Penalty Law Decision  Gardner v Superior Court  
  • Client Released on Habeas Petition showing jury tampering  US v Dutkel

     Horowitz Rains and Stern at city hall press conference discussing the video scandal involving SF police officers


  •  Wrongful Death  Muni Bus Accident (Settled)  [San Francisco] (confidential amount)
  •  Wrongful Death  Child Falls Down Elevator Shaft (Settled) [San Francisco] (Settled over $ 1 million dollars)
  • Wrongful Death (Auto) (Jury Verdict) [Colusa]
  • Barry Bonds 700th Home run “Ball Dispute” $ 804,000 for Client
  • Oakland Housing Authority sued by 41 Victims of the corrupt Police Department (Settled over $ 3 million dollars) [News]
  • Child Molest Victim recovers from Stepfather (Settled) [El Sobrante] (Confidential settlement)
  • Rape Victim recovers from Landlord (Settled) [Oakland] (Confidential Settlement)
  • Young Man Shot by Neighbor (Settled) [Oakland] (Confidential Settlement)
  • Child Struck by Car and Severely Injured (Settled) [Oakland] (Confidential Settlement)
  • Homeless Man shot by Security Guard (Settled) [Oakland] ($ 75,000)
  • Chiropractor  Arrested, Charges Dropped, Sues Prosecutors  [Stockton] (Confidential Settlement) [Court Docket]
  • Multi Million Dollar Victory Against Actor Mel Gibson [News]
  •  Motorcycle Struck by Car (Settled) [Stockton] ($ 3,000,000)
  • Citizen Raped by Police Officer   (Trial Verdict) $ 822,000
  • Michael Savage v Original Talk Radio Network Inc Wins Large Award and Freedom for Talk Show Host
  • Arbuckle v California Board of Chiropractic Examiners   Over $ 2 million collected
  • Multiple Settlements in Excess of $ 1,000,000 (One Million Dollars)
  • Victory Radio Show Superstar Michael Savage [News]
  • $ 2 Million Dollar Horowitz Victory Against Party Bus Insurer for Rape on Bus – Upheld by Courts [News]



Daniel Horowitz successfully represented the East Bay’s largest LGBT Nightclub, the Bench & Bar, during the days when the bar was the continual focus of hateful attacks by both neighbors and the police.  He represented the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club and is the only person to have done a real estate appraisal for the Oakland Club House.  That appraisal was accepted as security for bail for members during the San Diego prosecution of the club.