Criminal Defense Specialist

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Daniel Horowitz is a Criminal Defense Specialist


What is a State Bar certified criminal defense specialist?

The State Bar of California certifies a small number of lawyers as specialists in criminal defense.  An attorney must complete 45 hours of education in their specialty field during the three years before they apply to a certified legal specialization program.  Once certified, the specialist must complete 36 hours of approved continuing education every three years.  The application process is difficult.  The State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization must approve each attorney’s application. There is peer review by other attorneys and review by judges.

How Many Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Specialists?

Daniel Horowitz had to meet the specialist requirements and passed a rigorous written examination to become one of only about 200 criminal defense specialists in California (as of August 2017).   He has held this certification for over 20 years.  There are only about 14 certified specialists among the many criminal defense attorneys in Contra Costa County where Horowitz maintains his Lafayette, Ca. office.

Types of Cases

       Criminal Trials

Daniel Horowitz is a criminal lawyer with extensive courtroom experience.  He has taken over 200 cases to jury trial.  It is a rare criminal attorney who has taken even one death case to trial.  Dan Horowitz has 8 death penalty trials, over 25 special circumstance murder cases, dozens of murder trials.  As a federal criminal defense attorney Dan Horowitz has handled narcotics and drug cases as well as major conspiracies such as the MS-13 jury trial.  <<View Trial Wins>>

       Large & Complex Criminal Cases

The Horowitz law firm focuses on complex and large cases.  In the area of drug law defense, Horowitz handles major drug conspiracies, racketeering (RICO) cases, and multi party federal narcotics cases.   Recent complex cases of note include defense of the Founder of FAIM (Family Affiliated Irish Mafia) on conspiracy, murder, attempted murder charges.  Horowitz has defended an alleged MS-13 leader on federal conspiracy charges.  Recent trials have included Vehicular Manslaughter and Medical Fraud.  Horowitz frequent is retained on cases involving “white collar” crimes such as chiropractic fraud, insurance fraud, internet fraud, health care fraud and embezzlement.

       DUI’s, Thefts, Misdemeanors

The law firm also puts its vast trial experience to working fighting misdemeanor and lesser felonies.  If you need a DUI lawyer (DUI is the same as DWI) or an attorney for simple thefts, assaults, and other crimes, the Horowitz office has experienced trial attorneys who will represent you at reasonable, competitive rates.

       Immigration Consequences / Russian & Ukrainian

All cases are handled by attorneys with significant jury trial experience.  Questions about deferred adjudications (deferred prosecution), the legality of a DUI checkpoint (if you were arrested !), and cases affecting a professional license, can be answered by the attorneys in the office.

The firm does not have Spanish speaking attorneys but we can refer to (or associate with) excellent lawyers who are fluent.  If you are Russian or Ukrainian speaking, the law firm has attorney Oksana Tsykova who is a trial lawyer and completely fluent in both languages.  In addition, Ms. Tsykova is well versed in the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and can advise on that.

      Cases the Law Firm Does Will Not Defend

The Horowitz office will not defend charges of rape, domestic abuse or child molestation.

How You Can Distinguish Among Criminal Defense Lawyers

It is difficult to distinguish between the many attorneys at law advertising for “criminal defense”.  There are many excellent defense attorneys and the Horowitz office respects the other dedicated defense lawyers that you may be considering.

In evaluating the work of Dan Horowitz, we are providing some transcripts of his trial work that you can review.   <<Horowitz Documents>>

Closing_Argument_focusing on DNA in a Death Penalty Case
 Cross Examination of Prosecution MD Expert
Witness Examination in Ukraine
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