White Collar Crime

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White Collar Crime

“A Fair Trial is No Trial At All”

 Song “Across the Board” – (Grace Slick) 



If you are charged with a business crime, the stereotypes associated with the “Top 1%” will follow you to the courtroom.

The complexity of SEC regulations, EPA regulations, tax and accounting rules will often lead to grey areas or honest errors.  These can often be resolved by negotiation.  If you are forced to trial, the “top 1%” label means that you start with a presumption of guilt.

Daniel Horowitz is a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer”.  The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 is an invitation-only organization composed of the premier trial lawyers from each state.  His trial experience will help you overcome the associated prejudice and present your case to open minded jurors.

White Collar Cases Are “Over the Heads” of Many Jurors

White collar crimes often involve factual concepts outside the experience of a typical juror.

Trials can become battles of experts.  Most (not all), experts are hired guns.  It’s frightening to know that your freedom may be decided depending on whether one expert is a better actor than the other.

Trial expertise in exposing expert fraud and explaining the core concepts is the key to winning white collar cases.

Television Stereotypes

Television shows like “White Collar” infuse the public with perceptual prejudice.  A juror who is familiar with plot lines and stereotyped characters like Neal Caffrey (See: White Collar TV show Episodes), will have a hard time applying the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”.  Your lawyer must have a talent for jury selection in order to give you a chance of a fair trial.

Criminal Defense Specialist

Horowitz is one of about 200 California attorneys listed as certified criminal defense specialists by the Board of Legal Specialization, State Bar of California.  In Contra Costa County, California where Horowitz’ Lafayette office is located, there are only 13 listed criminal defense specialists (8/23/2017).  There is one in Walnut Creek, two in Lafayette and none in Orinda, Moraga, Danville and most other Contra Costa County cities.  Even in populous San Francisco County there are only 24 (8/23/2017).

Business Experience

Horowitz is experienced in securities work and is a licensed real estate broker.  He has operated small businesses including a real estate brokerage and he has represented many innocent people accused of “white collar” crimes.

Make a Deal or Go to Trial ?

Good deals come from a high quality defense, backed up by the ability to win at trial.

The Horowitz office prepares an organized, focused, and fact based defense creating the ability to navigate demands for dismissal, good faith deal negotiations, and if needed, aggressive trial proceedings.  As an experienced trial lawyer, Horowitz brings “warfare” credibility to settlement negotiations.

White collar cases are often expensive.  The Horowitz firm will give you an honest and realistic view of the cost of trial.  You will obtain sufficient information to balance the costs of trial vs. the chances of winning/losing and the possible penalties.

“Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War