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Lafayette ca attorney horowitz displays a Letter handwritten by whitey bulger if you want to make crime pay go to law school it is an ironic start to a detailed description of Horowitz' accomplishments

“If you want to make crime pay, go to law school” (Letter from Whitey Bulger)

Trial Lawyer / Television Legal Analyst

Daniel Horowitz is a renowned trial lawyer and television legal analyst. He has appeared on Nancy Grace, Larry King, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and each of the “big three” television networks.

Horowitz appeared on MSNBC and CNN as a legal commentator on the Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson trials.

Daniel Horowitz is regularly interviewed regarding high profile cases such as the Jodi Arias murder trial, the Orville Fleming “Zombie Defense” trial, the Ryan Roberts murder trial, and many other widely recognized cases.

High Profile Cases

His high profile clients include author Terry McMillan, radio talk superstar Michael Savage of the “Savage Nation”, famed actor Al Pacino, and many other celebrities.

Suing Actor Mel Gibson

Horowitz successfully sued actor Mel Gibson and successfully fought to have Gibson prosecuted for the assault on his girlfriend, pianist Oksana Grigorieva.

Barry Bonds 700th Home Run Baseball

Horowitz obtained $ 804,000 for the man who won the “scrum” for Barry Bonds 700th Home run baseball.

Major Trial Cases

His trial court victories include million dollar verdicts and dismissals in medical fraud, murder, and complex conspiracy cases.

Certified Criminal Defense Law Specialist

Horowitz has been a certified criminal defense law specialist for over 20 years.

The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization has certified approximately 200 attorneys as Criminal Defense Specialists. There are only 14 (approx.) criminal defense specialists in all of Contra Costa County. To understand how rigorous the standards are, view the Board’s Criminal Defense Lawyer Specialist Recertification Application.

National Recognition

As one of the nation’s top criminal defense trial attorneys, Horowitz is a member of the National Trial Lawyers.  This group recognizes Daniel Horowitz as a “Top 100 Trial Attorney”.

He was also inducted as a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel “Top 1%”.

Martindale Hubbell awards Daniel Horowitz its highest rating for both ability and ethics.

AVVO rates Horowitz a “10”. He has the highest YELP rating.

Highly Qualified Defense Team

Complex medical fraud and white collar cases require a highly capable criminal defense team. The Horowitz office defense team is rich in trial experience and criminal defense law technical expertise.

The team includes two certified criminal defense specialists (Daniel Horowitz & Carmela Caramagno). The defense team includes “Top 40 Under 40″ trial lawyer (Oksana Tsykova) as well as paralegals with specific experience in medical fraud and white collar work.

Medical Fraud Experience

Few law firms have the depth of medical fraud and criminal trial law experience that the Horowitz office brings to your case.

The Horowitz “in house” paralegals include a licensed chiropractor, a paralegal appointed to work on a death penalty case, and a paralegal currently enrolled in an MBA program.

Experienced in Courtrooms in Many Jurisdictions

The main office is in Lafayette, California located in Contra Costa County. While Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Francisco counties are geographically near the Lafayette office, Horowitz’s practice has taken him throughout the United States.

Internationally, he has appeared in contested court hearings in Ukraine, Canada, The Netherlands, Israel, and Cyprus.  Cases such as the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva case have taken him to other parts of California such as Los Angeles, while others such as his fight defending the First Amendment rights of journalists in Washington D.C. have taken him to different states.

High Profile Victories

1. Criminal Law

In the case of United States v. Pavel Lazarenko, Daniel Horowitz won a decisive victory. The Former Prime Minister of Ukraine was charged with Money Laundering and other White Collar crimes. San Francisco federal prosecutors claimed that Lazarenko misappropriated $250 million dollars. Daniel Horowitz won against every charge which he personally defended.

In Los Angeles, Horowitz successfully prevented the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office from filing extortion charges against Oksana Grigorieva. Grigorieva was accused of extortion by actor Mel Gibson who used his tremendous star power and money to press for charges to be filed against Grigorieva. [News Article]

2. Civil Law (Disputes not involving crimes)

Horowitz represented radio superstar Michael Savage (Savage Nation) against the TRN radio network. He won the arbitration victory against the radio network. The United States Court of Appeal upheld the decision. In that victory, Michael Savage won a major monetary award and was released from his contract with TRN. Read About Savage Nation case.

A recent lawsuit against a corrupt police department (Pittsburg, California) was national news and has resulted in over 15 wrongful criminal convictions being set aside by the Contra Costa County District Attorney.

3. Drug Law Defense

As an opponent of the “war on drugs”, Horowitz as a drug defense lawyer protects our rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Our “Founding Fathers” would not have supported alcohol prohibition. They certainly would not support a war on our own population. Drug laws insert the government into our private lives. Drug addiction and drug abuse are medical, not criminal issues.

A drug defense attorney protects the idea of the government as a partner but not a “super parent”. The line between a “super parent” government and a dictatorship is a fine line and sometimes, no line at all. Aggressive criminal defense attorneys are essential to maintaining the proper checks and balances.

In a high profile drug law case, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal freed a prisoner when Attorney Horowitz proved that his trial conviction was tainted by jury tampering.

4. Million Dollar Trial Verdicts & Settlements

Horowitz collected $2.7 million in a whistle blower case involving the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Other million dollar cases include motorcycle accidents, elevator malfunctions, and damages for crime victims.